House Rules

Only GameScience dice will be allowed during gameplay. Want to know why? Watch this and this. Please buy some online prior to our first session.

Playing Time
Game sessions will have a soft limit of eight hours. By limiting the length of the sessions, we will all be motivated to focus more on gameplay.

In-game references
Browsing the internet, D&D Wiki, or other omniscient sources of game information by players will not be allowed during game sessions. Only your 3.5 Player’s Handbooks and other official WOTC guides will be acceptable, along with certain 3.5-based smartphone/tablet apps, as long as they receive DM approval before the game session begins. NOT KNOWING EVERYTHING about the beasts and creatures you encounter is part of the fun and mystery of adventuring.

Leveling Up
This is not a typical D&D Campaign. The new skills, abilities, feats and spells you acquire at each new level will not be straight out of the Player’s Handbook. You may have more choices, or fewer choices, or similar choices with different names – so don’t plan your leveling up ahead of time. Surrender to the mystery of being in a new world and enjoy learning as you go along!

Magic: The Flow and Void
Magic in the world of Aurim Sora is not clearly divided into Divine and Arcane. The powers that channeling the Flow or tapping the Void can grant are not neatly encapsulated as spell or described clearly in books, to be repeated over and over to predictable effect. Auristry and Soundcraft are not sciences to be measured and evaluated for effectiveness. Magic is mysterious, and there are forces unknown to you that affect the way it works. Can the average layperson explain why their cell phone works better in some places and worse in others? Or why sometimes October is cold and rainy and other times it may as well be the dead of August? Scott probably can, but the idea here is, your characters don’t experience magic as you do as a player. For the sake of having magic make sense in the game, we will use (for the most part) the rules of existing spells in the D&D world. As we move on in the campaign, however, rather than limiting yourself to spells in the PH, I want you to think in terms of what effects you want to produce. Then ask me, or come up with a plan and email me, and we’ll create something together.

Magic and Non-magical classes
You don’t have to be a physicist to be affected by gravity. You don’t have to be a computer science major to send an email. A Christian experiences the white light at the end of the tunnel as the presence of God, while the atheist experiences a posthumous firing of nerve impulses as the brain dies. You say tomato, and I say tomato. (Wow, that doesn’t work at all in print.) In the same way, magic is not limited to Aurists & Songcrafters. The special abilities of the Rogue are granted him by a connection to the Flow, though he might not explain it that way. The extraordinary skill of the Blademaster stems from his surrender to the flow.

House Rules

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