Government and Culture

Aurim Sora
The known part of Aurim Sora is a single continent named Austrope, after its largest nation. There are four separate and sovereign nations: Normark to the North, a cold country of hills, frozen plains and icy mountains, with Highcliff as its capital on the Northern coast of the Endless Sea, Austrope in the central region, a large nation of hills, woodlands, and plains, home to the Capital of the Four Nations, Austrope-an-Lac, Knaugle to the south, all hills, caves, mines and mountains,and Tyram, to the east, a small nation set in a high mountain valley, populated by farmers and merchants, and home to the Velisian Academy of Auristry and Soundcraft.

The Four Nations
Normark, Austrope, Knaugle and Tyram are joined under the Treaty of the Four Nations. While each maintains its own sovereignty, all four are represented by an Elder on the Council of the Four Nations, which meets once per pairing at the Capital. Most of the Elders now live in the capital and spend little time in their home nations. Tyram’s Elder hasn’t been back home more than once a turn for the past 50 turns.

Tyram is a Feudalist/Manorial nation. Lord Daunigan of Tyram makes final decisions, but relies heavily on the the help of a council of five, called his Colloquium, made up of representatives of the major classes and industries in the nation: the Harvest League (Farmers), the Bards Guild, the Merchants Guild, the Traders Alliance, the Miners Federation, and the Citadel Guard, made up of around 150 soldiers.

Austrope is a Republic, with Chancellors representing each region.

Normark is very private and quiet about their government. It is largely suspected to be some sort of monarchy, with the King or Queen kept anonymous to avoid assassination.

Knaugle. Though Knonks will readily explain their system of government if asked, no Human or Velisian seems to understand how it works. The best, most common understanding is that the Knonks hold some sort of lottery to determine a pool of candidates for a Monarch-like position, and then the candidates each build an elaborate device, and these devices are used to fight each other in mock combat. The first to fall is elected Monarch, as it is believed that weakness is the sign of a pure heart. Once the Monarch is selected, stones are cast to determine the length of the Monarch’s term. Certain conditions like weather or the presence of furry animals can change the rules, throwing the nation into chaos for months while different factions argue and filibuster in a court-like session.

Cultural Note on Firstdays
Each member of Aurim Soran civilization celebrates a Firstday. It’s like a birthday, but it is a yearly invitation to reinvent oneself, even to rename oneself.

Government and Culture

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