Aurim Sora – the name of the known world.

Austrope – The largest of the Four Nations and the seat of their Capital, Austrope-an-Lac.

Tyram – Tucked away deep in a valley on the edge of Austrope is the peaceful, self-sustaining nation of Tyram. Tyram is an isolated nation of farmers, music makers and merchants- most of whom have never left its borders. Once an active part of the Four Nations, Tyram has seceded gradually over the past forty turns, and now their participation in the Republic is largely ceremonial.

Normark – The cold, mostly barren country of the north.

Knaugle – The mostly mountainous nation in the Southern region, home to the Knonks.

Velisian Academy of Auristry and Soundcraft – Aurim Sora’s oldest and most esteemed school of Music Making.

Oviyol – a middle-ranged musical instrument with five strings, plucked with the fingers

Souviyol – a low-ranged musical instrument with three strings, plucked with the thumb and fingers

Pipes – high-ranged wind instruments appearing in great variety, usually made by the player.

Knonk – Small wiry creatures, Knonks are highly intelligent and possessed of uncommon strength, lifting three times their body weight with ease. Their home nation is Knaugle. They are inventors and craftspeople – few musicians among them, except Healers and Miners. Knonks stand 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall and weigh 40 to 50 pounds. Their skin is tinged green, their hair is dark, and their eyes range from deep brown to black. Knonks reach adulthood at about age 20, and they live about 100 years, though some can live up to 150.

Velise -



Velise An almost extinct Elvish race, the Velise seceded from Four Nations society upon the end of the Age of War. Their forest home was just East of Tyram, and Velisian blood still exists among the people there. Pure Velisians were on average shorter and slighter than men, with reddish hair and light brown eyes.

The Flow – the unseen magical force that holds the universe together. The Flow is infinite and inexhaustible, limited only by the capacity of those who attempt to channel it.

The Spark – a term used to describe talent, or the ability to tap the flow. At a young age, children are said to “show the Spark.”

The Void – the Anti-Flow. The Void is empty and vacuous. To tap the void is to puncture the fabric of the world, exposing its contents to a great and insatiable vacuum.

Siurka blade (SURE-kuh blade) – a straight tanto-shaped short-sword 24” long with a notched hook on the dull side for catching swords etc.

Plaun – (PLAWN) a grain that grows in tall stalks and is widely farmed in Southern Austrope. Plaun can be eaten whole or ground and used to make bread and porridge.

Sunbeans – a nutritious bean, a Tyrran staple.

Firstlight – dawn

Lastlight – dusk

Midday – noon

Lateday – afternoon

Throw – about 25 feet

Slipfish – fatty, silver fish found in the rivers of Austrope. Delicious raw or cooked.

Eulyte – a magical draught that can restore a Bard to full energy after even the most exhausting performance. Each time a eulyte potion is used, the drinker becomes more immune to its effects, and the effects last a shorter duration. More potion must then be drunk to achieve the same result during the next use.

“Enough For Each” – the Metrician’s slogan and guiding principle.


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