Hagan Tesserus

Hagan the Fighter from Normark


18 y/o Male Human Level 1 Fighter.


Hagan’s adventurous spirit led him to get into a lot of trouble as a youth. As the second born to rich landowners in Normark, he always felt inferior to his older brother Brontum, especially when it came to his parents affections.

Hagan struggled at an early age to both to prove he was worthy of the Tesserus name and rebel against every thing it stood for. At age 8, in attempt to prove his competence he challenged his brother to a friendly sword fight. Hagan held his own in the beginning and gained a scar under his chin for his effort.

With the blood flowing from his chin, Hagan’s fury burned hotter than all the suns. Something sparked inside and Hagan flew into a frenzy. The brutal, unrelenting clang of blade on armor brought Brontum to the ground.

Hagan’s sword did not let up. Years of being second best were unleashed in a fury of blows.

When the exhausted Hagan did finally stop, his brother was just an groaning lump of dented armor. As he turned around triumphantly, seeking approval on his father’s face, all he found was a mix of shock and horror.

Then a blood-curdling scream let out. In a flash Hagan turned and instinctively took a final swing at his charging brother. The razor sharp sword clashed off Brontum’s polished helmet and slid down his arm where it quickly and effortlessly severed his hand from his body.

Brontum never forgave his younger brother; his anger was absolute. Their father, in fear of the safety of both his sons from one another, sent Hagan away to the Academy in Tyram.

Ten years later.
Hagan has spent the last decade at the Academy learning the ways of the Fighter and dealing with the guilt of maiming his brother. He has had no contact with his family in this time. He found the acceptance he was lacking as a child in his instructors and a confidence in himself through his craft. He believes in law and order, but as his favorite instructor, Master Seantaugh taught him — a law serves the men that write it and those men are not always good.

Hagan Tesserus

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