“Ah, music… A magic far beyond all we do here!” – Albus Dumbledore

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn Manson

“Uh-oh, it’s magic.” – The Cars


In the world of Aurim Sora, music is magic. Only those born with The Spark can become Aurists and Soundcrafters, the magic-users of this land; and then, only with great training and focus can they harness and kindle The Flow, the unseen energy of the world, to produce magic. Some manipulate physical matter, like the Breakers who rend and reform the physical world with their thunderous atonal chants and titanic drums, or the Healers, who weave beautiful melodies into complex webs that cure disease and heal wounds. Perhaps the most glamorous, the most openly admired of the music-makers are the Bards. You might a hear a Breaker who works in the mines belittled the Bards as the “fluffiest” form of Music Makers – but, under the right circumstances, they can move men to great deeds or inspire the masses with sweeping, epic ballads.

There is no light without shadow, and so it is with The Void, the infinite emptiness from which the Flow is drawn. Few choose to study or attempt to harness the power of this infinite, crushing vacuum, and those who do pay a terrible price – like the Shriekers, children whose souls have been sacrificed as portals to the Void, their mouths forever open in a gasping, shrieking inhalation, sucking in the soul of any who come to close.

Tucked away in a secluded valley on the edge of the continent of Austrope is the isolated nation of Tyram, a peaceful, self-sustaining community of farmers, music makers and merchants, few of whom have ever left its borders.

The Velisian Academy of Auristry and Soundcraft is Aurim Sora’s must famous and historical school, and is the hub of cultural life in Tyram. Long ago, students would travel from the world over to study at the Academy – but in the past 75 years, Tyram has seceded more and more from the rest of Aurim Sora, and now it is rare to have more than a few students from abroad. Still, the sons and daughters of Councilors, Merchants, and Guildmasters and successful farmers are all but expected to attend the Academy.

Musicians aren’t the only Aurim Sorans who touch the Flow. Swordsmen are connected to the Flow whether they realize it or not, and Blademasters frequently tap it to guide their movements and strengthen their bodies in the physical world. Farmers look to the Flow to bring life to their crops.

Your journey into the world of Aurim Sora is about to begin. Who will you become?

The Flow and Void

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